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Wagering on sports has become a large industry in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, as in many other states, it has become increasingly difficult, and in some cases impossible, for the individual to wager responsibly on sports. Many laws have been proposed to update and regulate the sports betting industry. A bill, filed by Governor Mary Falligan, would eliminate the requirement that a licensed sports bettor must be a resident of Oklahoma in order to place a bet.

Proponents of the regulated sports wagering measure say that the elimination of the resident requirement will open the door for more individuals to participate in sports wagering. However, opponents argue that if the ban on sports wagering is overturned, Okies could once again become a gambling state. According to the proponents of the regulated sports wagering measure, any unlicensed sports wager would be subject to criminal prosecution. If the ballot measure is passed, in addition to the elimination of the resident requirement for sports wagers, license applications from new sports book publishers would not be accepted.

Oklahoma already allows gambling at casinos, but unlike most states, it does not allow placing bets on lottery games, horse races or basketball games. The new law would allow sports betting to take place at a state-regulated casino resort, only if the proposed ordinance is passed. One provision of the law says that all money wagered on a game would have to be collected by the casino resort. This provision has caused some concern among sports gaming enthusiasts, who worry that it opens the door for casinos to start gambling once again.

Oklahoma is one of 14 states that have legalized sports betting through a constitutional amendment approved in 2021. Two years later, Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved a similar constitutional amendment to legalize sports betting. A recent survey showed that a majority of Americans supported legalized sports betting.

State lawmakers in Oklahoma are expected to reintroduce a bill to legalize sports betting again in the next legislative session. Already, three representatives have announced their support for the proposal. Governor Bill Musgrave (D) is expected to back the initiative. Attorney General Jerry Brown (R) also supports the idea. State lawmakers in both chambers have not yet announced whether they will be supporting the proposal.

Oklahoma has had the unfortunate experience of becoming a leading tourist destination in the nation’s smallest state. Visitors flood the tourist attractions and casinos, which suffer from overcrowding, gambling problems, lack of quality entertainment and high unemployment rate. Lawmakers in Oklahoma realize that the tourist industry would suffer if legalized sports betting was blocked. According to the Okies News, the new regulation may allow sports books to increase the number of games offered through their betting terminals. The increase could lead to more revenue for the state.

In mid-November, the Oklahoma Gaming Commission held a public hearing to get sports book operators to submit draft regulations to the gaming board. The draft would affect all bookmakers in Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma Daily. The commission expects to finalize the regulatory changes by the end of March, but may be a little aggressive with bookmakers. If the changes go as planned, legal sports betting will be available in all state-operated casinos on Dec. 31, 2021. Whether the final regulatory changes go as planned or not remains to be seen.